Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

If you are anything like me, and love to wait till the last minute for EVERYTHING, than this post is specifically for you!  With Halloween rapidly approaching( 3 days away) I still don’t have… Continue reading

Chalk It Up!

With Halloween being right around the corner, its the perfect time to experiment with hair ideas! There’s no better way to change your hair color in a non-permanent quick way like chalk! Use this… Continue reading

Fall In Love With Pumpkin Spice Snicker-doodles!

Whats Fall without a little bit of pumpkin spice in your life? The fall season is the perfect season for anything pumpkin spice like a latte from Starbucks, doughnuts, muffins, and even cookies.… Continue reading

Tie-Dying with Vee

Meet Vee… a 22 year old senior at Rowan University who is studying elementary education, who is opening up about her passion for tie-dying, and giving tips every dyer should know! Q. When… Continue reading

Yummy Homemade Rice Krispie Treats

So this past Thursday was the return of one of the greatest television shows…Scandal! My roommates and I are all obsessed with the show, so naturally we all agreed to watch it together.… Continue reading

The Best DIY Sites Around

Hey guys! So this post will be dedicated to all the amazingly awesome DIY blogs and websites that I frequent. The first website that I go to all the time has an amazing… Continue reading

Put Old Clothes Pins To Use

Every year I print out a ton of pictures from my nearest CVS, and hang them on my wall at school. I usually just buy some thumb-tack and stick them over one of… Continue reading