The Perfect DIY Projects for Winter Break

It’s almost that time that all college students have been waiting, and begging for ever since school started back up in September…WINTER BREAK!

Winter break is perfect for waking up at 2:30 in the afternoon, lounging around the house bothering your family, and watching all the Netflix that you were deprived on during the semester.

winter-break-its-tem106nothingWhile I can’t wait to do nothing all day besides take endless naps, winter break is actually the perfect time to start and finish that DIY project that you’ve always wanted to do, but claimed you never had time for.

My goal for winter break is to start and hopefully complete a DIY project every day. That means a little bit under 30 projects.

Some of these projects I plan on completing by myself while others I plan on enlisting the help of family members and dragging friends along with me.

The first thing on my DIY list is stopping by Fire Me Up! Studio. At Fire Me Up! You can paint your own piece of pottery, glass fusing which allows you to make your own jewelry, and hand building/ sculpting with clay. I am really excited for this, because whatever I create can double as someone’s Christmas gift; and it allows me to hang out with friends from home who I haven’t seen in a while.

The owner of Fire Me Up!, Tammie Fisher says that “this studio is a place for creativity to flow, I get people of all ages, and races walk in here skeptical but by the end they’re booking their next appointment!”


Photo by: Buzzfeed

After the holiday season is over, I am going to try some projects that I found on Buzzfeed which focuses on 19 clever ways to use leftover wrapping paper. So when I’m tearing into gifts I have to be careful not to rip the paper so I can make paper star medallions, and create cardboard tube art.

Knitting is one of the best DIY projects out there. I tried knitting before a couple of years ago but never finished because…drum roll please… I didn’t have enough time. So my goal is to finish the scarf I finished, because now I have nothing but time.

If you want to learn how to knit, but aren’t quite sure how to start don’t panic. Expert knitter Taylor Marshall explains that “the majority of YMCA’s offer knitting classes, you could also stop in at your local craft store to see when and how much their classes start. But the best and cheapest way to learn is just by asking people you know if they know how to knit. For example my aunt’s friend taught me how, and one of my friends learned straight from YouTube.”


Photo By: Mr.Kate

Another thing on my list is making the melting crayon board. I first saw this when I was in middle school, but for whatever reason I never did it.

One thing I am obsessed with is the store Lush. The only thing is that there is no Lush close to me, and it can be a little pricy. So instead of traveling a half hour away for body scrubs I am going to make my very own peppermint sugar scrub bars.


Photo By: Happy Mothering

I am also going to use my winter break to rearrange/decorate my room. I saw this post on Pintrest, that of course now that I’m looking for it I can’t find the link for it; but you would use your old CD cases to put your photos in and then you would hang them on your wall. I’m really excited to do this because I have a ton of old and empty CD cases laying around.

Check out my incomplete list of DIY projects I am going/want to complete over winter break below. If you want me to test out a DIY project sound off in the comments, and check back for my complete list of DIY projects!

1. Paint a Mug at Fire Me Up! Studio

2. Paper Star Medallions

3. Cardboard Tube Art

4. Knit a Scarf

5. Peppermint Sugar Scrub Bars

6. CD Case Picture Frames

7. Melted Crayon Art

8. Re-painting my room

9. BuzzFeed’s 29 incredible things you can make with Crescent Dough Rolls 

10. Make Mini-Caramel Apples 

11. Branch out on my Pancake making skills

12. Make Homemade Sweet Almond Honey Oatmeal Soap  

13. Make Homemade Orange Zest Lemon Soap 

14.  Make Color block candles 

15. DIY Peppermint CoCoa Lip Balm 

Until Next Time!