Upcoming Craft Fairs in New Jersey

Happy Holidays everyone!

When I was in elementary school and even in middle school my school always hosted these holiday fairs in the gym. These fairs provided me with the perfect Christmas gifts for my family. Most of the things that were sold at the fair were home made items–homemade jewelry, picture frames, candles, candy, and so much more.

Students weren’t the only people who shopped at these fairs, the majority of the town always showed up to take a look at the different gifts and trinkets the fair had to offer.

So if your in or close by to New Jersey, your in luck! I found 12 Holiday & Craft Fairs that are leading up to Christmas, so take a look at the map and  click the snowflakes to find out  when and where the closest fair is!

Until Next Time! 

-Jadina x